ManStat Pty Ltd

ManStat is an adaptable and user configurable software product designed primarily for daily hire service providers and produces both payroll and customer invoicing from rostered jobs booked within.

In March 2001, ManStat was launched, providing a wide selection of features to cater for the different operating methods of potential clients operating in two specific industries – Security Manpower and Traffic Management Services. The philosophy behind ManStat is simple : Robust, industrial quality, intuitive software, based on both locally and internationally recognised technology.

Our first installation resulted in a saving of over $70,000 in overtime payments in the first three months of operation. On average, ManStat has shown improvement in profit margins of 5% over manual invoicing and payroll methods.

Technology is a tool, and the correct tools are a recognised advantage for us, as well as our clients. This means that when it is working effectively, technology should be almost invisible, something different to the norm, adding value to our businesses.

We also think operational paranoia is a good thing, because of this belief, a key factor for us is reliability, and we take great pains to ensure that all our products comply with our high standards.

Control your Environment, your Business…with ManStat