About Us

Lost Souls et. al.

Lost Souls Inc, began as an unofficial group of like minded people back in the early 90s. Adopted by our founder and patron, we strive to make the lives of everyone we take under our wing just that little bit better each day.

Pirate-Bunny.com along with Asticat.com and LostSoulsInc.com are personal placeholders housing an eclectic range of projects by the crew here.

Reanimotion International is also the parent company of ManStat Pty Ltd and Reanimotion Engineering Pty Ltd.

In 1996, Reanimotion was tasked to create an answer to a long standing problem - how to increase the efficiency in manpower companies - and thus in 2001, our flagship product ManStat was launched.

Reanimotion Engineering has been involved in automotive electronics and controls with a focus on telematics. ManTrak, a vehicle tracking system which can be integrated with ManStat was developed under this subsidiary company and now, FrankenCIS, a modernisation of Bosch K-Jetronic or CIS injection is in the initial stages of release.

Steve, our fearless leader ( although he is scared of spiders )

Yes, he is a little odd :)